Best Home Surveillance Camera

When we talk about the best home surveillance camera, we cannot overlook the considerable advancement in technology that has backed the designing and development of these devices.

 Besides the increased video camera quality, you can also get the recording capability at a competitive price. With these best-in-class home surveillance cameras, you can always stay in peace regarding your home security and safety.

That said, let’s have a look at our handpicked list of the best home surveillance cameras around.

Recommended List of the best home surveillance cameras

1. Blink indoor security camera

This is the Ultra-portable and truly advanced video home security camera. Besides, it also works as a monitoring system with affordable and easy to set up modes. It is a battery-powered and genuinely wire-free device that can match every indoor and outdoor security environment.

It works with the 720P HD video quality that will give you a clear view of your surroundings.

It comes with features like a Motion detector that keeps on picking the surrounding video without any delay. Moreover, it also sends out alerts after getting triggered by any unwanted movement within your property.

The access to video demand streaming with the help of the Blink application ensures that you will get a crystal clear view whenever needed. With it, you will get peace of mind due to the affordable subscription rate and the cloud storage that is available for free.

The camera comes with non-rechargeable Lithium batteries that will work on the chip technology available only with the blink cameras. Equipped with the Alexa capability, the device works on the Echo dot, Amazon echoes, as well as Amazon tap.

2. SimpliSafe 12 piece security system 

This is the camera that is ready to deliver some exquisite performance right out of the box. You have to insert the plugin to the base station, place the set up in position, log in the device, and set it up and running to monitor your home within just a few minutes.

The most significant add-on here is that you won’t require any extender for it to function. The 24/7 Professional monitoring and a cloud recording system give you top-notch performance without any hassle.

There is a sound alarm system that works based on signal technology. At all times, you can rest assured of getting the video captured within 1,000 feet range. You can see whatever is happening at any hour of the day through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Motion sensors keep on detecting the motion within 30 feet and work with a 90-degree field of vision for giving you the full range coverage.

You will get a security system that works with the additional sensors for complete home protection.

All you have to do is associate it with the smart home integration platform that will work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

3. ReoLink video surveillance

This is the camera that is easy to set up and install as per your requirement and convenience. Moreover, it works with the 59 feet 8 pin network cables and Ethernet wiring.

So, users can get the ability to set up the camera without having to purchase additional cables for making it work.

You can stay protected 24/7 with this system running outside. Moreover, it comes with the pre-installed 2TB HDD that keeps recording the videos continuously without ever missing a thing.

You can also replace the 2TB hard drives with the 4TB of storage with the ReoLink application’s help. You can get access to the footage via the smart device or the computer, so you can start getting the video playback quickly that will keep you informed at all times.

You can also customize the motion detection zones as per your needs and requirements. This aspect reduces the number of false triggers due to raindrops, trees swaying, or snowflakes.

The bottom line for best home surveillance camera

All of the best home surveillance cameras we have mentioned above are good in terms of their monitoring capability and effortless performance.

Still, do ensure to check your needs and requirements for home surveillance before finalizing on any of the devices.

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