What is cloud camera ?

The cloud-based camera utilizes the simplicity and security of the cloud-based storage system in the procedure.

The videos get stored automatically in the cloud. So, users get access to them quickly and easily from anywhere. The customer experience is a high-end one that makes it quite popular these days.

What is a cloud camera?

Cloud camera lets the effortless connection of the security camera for recording and streaming the video in high resolution.

Usually, the resolution is 1080P. Whenever it detects the motion, the camera is enabled. It will keep recording 24/7 for your benefit Amazon cloud camera is now gaining popularity.

Cloud video surveillance refers to a service working on fast cloud-based surveillance. The service includes remote viewing, storage, video recording management, alerts, cybersecurity, and more.


Cloud cam streams to the cloud with the detection of the motion. When you turn on the live view, on detection of the motion the cloud cam streams to the cloud for the analysis of the Advanced Computer-Based vision algorithms.

When the cloud cam is on, it gives the recording of the few seconds of the video in the temporary storage on the device. Then, it proceeds towards continually writing over it.

For setting up the Amazon cloud cam, you have to download the application from the device’s application store.

Now, register the device and connect the device to the Wi-Fi. Following that, set camera preferences and go ahead with the viewing of the live stream. You can also talk and listen with the help of the mic and speakers.

Basic Technology 

The digital video cameras receive, control data, and then send the image with the help of an IP Network. These cameras are based on the objective of surveillance but Unlike the analog closed-circuit television cameras, they require no local recording device Local area network.

Features of the cloud camera

General specifications-

  • You will get powerful high definition resolution running on the CCTV Technology. There is quality facial recognition without upgrading the system.
  • The HD resolution is a high-end one that will give a larger and clear format than the traditional versions.
  • You will get the recording of the area and the footage with the even and uneven light conditions. So, the surveillance cameras will give a balanced light in the entire video for making the actions clear.
  • The tamper detection settings within the security camera also give you SMS alerts whenever there are chances of physical attacks vandalization.

Amazon cloud camera specifications-

  • The home security camera by Amazon comes with great value for money. Not only it is affordable over the others, but also offers compatibility without a subscription. There are also plenty of extra features like the options for setting up zones and person detection.
  • It works with compatible Alexa-enabled devices and stores recorded clips for 24 hours without a subscription.
  • Availability of 1080 p full HD vision and night vision.
  • In terms of hardware and setup, the cloud camera is lightweight with an all-plastic build. It is mountable on a flexible wall. The camera has the capability of rotating 360 degrees.
  • Setting it up is also an effortless task. You have to just plug the cloud cam into the wall, download the application for running it, and follow the pairing instructions. The LED flashlights will keep you instructed for further setup.

Cloud cameras-Pros and Cons


  • Ease of use is a major advantage. There is the availability of controls for installing them and then setting them up and running in minutes. The software needs just the connection to the wireless network for transmitting the video. So, you can easily manage it with the help of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It makes minimized the use of external hardware thus ensuring minimalistic arrangement and costs.
  • The cloud cameras are not only affordable and accessible but also give an enhanced user experience. You can get access from anywhere with a steady internet connection. It will require minimum maintenance without compromising on video quality and storage.


  • Cloud camera continuously transmits data over the internet. So, some business owners have concerns regarding the over usage of data. Moreover, the rural areas with limited connection facilities face trouble with the cloud camera setups.
  • Though there are many benefits, in regards to compliance, cloud cameras face a major drawback. Not all cameras are fit for running without professional intervention. Some cameras require extra precautions over additional setups.

Summing it up

The cloud camera has appeared to be a decent choice that is affordable and comes with advanced motion sensor options. . These cloud cameras are satisfying business security units in terms of the exceptional level of cloud video surveillance they offer.

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