Does the Ring floodlight camera record?

The all-new Ring floodlight camera is surely one of the best outdoor security cameras you can buy to safeguard your valuables and assets.

While it records some excellent quality video in both day and night conditions, it also delivers highly effective two-way communication.

Furthermore, the add-on floodlights work perfectly like icing on the cake and let you monitor your vicinities even in the darkest hours.

Now, most of the people who are about to purchase the ring floodlight security cam, always come with one major question -‘does the ring floodlight camera record’?

The answer is- Yes, the ring floodlight camera does record both in day and night time and below you can find about its exceptional video recording and live streaming capabilities.

Recording upon motion detection or during live streaming

The all-new Ring floodlight security camera records a full HD 1080p video right when it detects any motion or during live-streaming.

Once the recording is done, the same video clip gets saved in the cloud that can then be used for future references.

The recording capabilities of this device are of the highest quality with all the natural colors and smooth movement during the process.

The field of view is quite open-handed and boasts one of the widest angles you will see in any security camera.

Still, the only downside of this device is its digital zoom feature that doesn’t give the required quality once you pinch to zoom in with the help of your smartphone.

The size of the area under-recording is largely dependent on the location of the ring floodlight security camera but the add-on floodlights still give you perfect coverage in the nighttime.

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