How to Program Ring Floodlight Camera?

How to Program Ring Floodlight Camera? – Getting Started

Recently bought a ring floodlight security camera and doesn’t know how to program it? Well, you need not worry as here we present you with some easy and simple steps to make it up all sorted.

The Ring floodlight security cams are world known for their high quality and superb performance.

While they offer all the high-end features, ‘how to program ring floodlight camera’ is a question that troubles a lot of users initially. What needs to be done then? Have a look at the below steps and get started.

Recommended steps regarding ‘how to program ring floodlight camera’

Step 1.

Download the Ring app

How to Install the Ring App -

Being a ring floodlight security camera user, if you are stuck with the question, ‘how to program ring floodlight camera’, firstly download the ring app.

You can download it by typing ‘Ring’ on the app store (for IOS devices) and Play Store(for android devices). It can also be downloaded by visiting on your device’s browser.

Step 2.

Create a user account

How to Install the Ring App -

Once you have downloaded the app, you now need to create a new account (if you are a new user) by simply opting for the ‘create account’ option on the Ring app.

Once done, just follow the in-app instructions to create your unique ring app account.

Step 3.

Set up your ring device

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You now need to select the ‘Set up a Device’ option on the app and then tap ‘Security cams’.

Step 4.

Scan the MAC ID barcode or QR code on the device

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You will find the QR code or the MAC id code on the backside of the ring device. Once located, point the camera of your Smartphone to the same QR code or MAC ID located on the device.

Once the QR code or MAC ID is recognized, you will find a green square or green line respectively. By any chance, if you face any issues scanning the code, you can opt for ‘ Set up without scanning’ and select ‘ floodlight cam’.

Step 5.

Confirming your location

Confirm Your Address and Assign Locations on the Ring App - YouTube

You will now receive a prompt saying ‘ Ring app wishes to access your phone’s location service’. You can either select the location confirmed by the phone’s GPS or can also input the same information manually.

Once entered correctly, tap ‘Confirm’ and you are set to proceed towards the next step. Do note that certain services and features of the Ring app won’t work without entering your location details.

Step 6.

Naming your Ring device

Give a specific name to your device by either choosing one of the default suggested names or entering your own while choosing the ‘Custom’ option placed at the bottom of the app.

Step 7.

Installing your Ring floodlight cam

You are now required to physically install your Ring floodlight cam while simply following the steps given in the Ring app.

Step 8.

Putting the floodlight cam in the setup mode

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This needs to be done once the physical installation of the floodlight cam is completed.

Simply press and release the button on the top of the floodlight cam and once you see the light at the bottom of the floodlight cam blinking, tap ‘ continue’ on the ring app.

Your device is now programmed and you can now continue with the further process of connecting it with wifi and test it at the end for proper functioning.

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