How to Install A Wireless Doorbell Camera

Installing a wireless doorbell camera is relatively easy. All you need is some tools, wires, and a bit technical knowledge. If you are not that tech-savvy and still want to try your hand with the installation of a wireless doorbell camera, following steps and instructions will come of great help.

Recommended steps regarding how to install a wireless doorbell camera

Step 1: Get the required tools and accessories

Most wireless doorbell cameras require specific tools and accessories for their installation. This may include tools like screwdriver, drill, screws, and so on. Usually, you get some accessories within the wireless doorbell camera package only. You can bring a box cutter or flathead screwdriver in use if you first need to remove the old wireless doorbell camera.

Step 2: Charging the wireless doorbell camera

Once you unbox the wireless doorbell camera, check for the battery inside the package. Afterward, get t charged while plugging it into the power outlet via the provided charging cable.

There may be times when you face issues putting the battery into the provided slot. We recommend installing the wireless doorbell cameras on a flat vertical surface and getting along with the task in all such situations.

Once the battery gets plugged in, you have to check for the battery status while checking the camera’s red and green light. Charging the battery may take four to six hours, so you got to stay patient. Once it is fully charged, the camera will prompt you with a green light.

Step 3: Establishing a connection with the Wifi network

Most wireless doorbell camera manufacturers recommend the usage of the device via an app. So, as you are done with the battery charging process, you now need to connect the wireless doorbell camera to the Wifi network.

Try establishing a connection between the wireless doorbell camera and the Wi-Fi before its installation. Doing this will confirm whether or not the location has enough Wi-Fi signal. You got to bring in a Wi-Fi extender in case of a weak connection and position it in between your router and the wireless doorbell camera.

Step 4: Attaching the Mounting Bracket

Before starting with the mounting bracket’s attachment, you need to drill a hole into the door while using the drill and screwdriver.

Hold the wireless doorbell camera to the hole where you are looking to mount the wireless doorbell camera. Do check the camera angle and position while checking the live feed in the app. Moreover, you can also use any angled mounting brackets to slant the camera in your preferred angle or direction.

If you’re using an angled mounting bracket, attach it to the mounting hole with the help of a screwdriver. Be careful during the process, and don’t tighten the screws too much.

Step 5: Mounting the wireless doorbell camera

It would help if you now mounted the wireless doorbell camera on the provided mounting bracket. Do it while pressing in and down until the device fits rightly into place. You may require using a little bit of force during the same process.

Still, do check whether the wireless doorbell camera has appropriately attached to the mounting bracket. Moreover, check the desired angle and placement while testing it with the app.

Step 6: Setting up the wireless doorbell camera

Once the wireless doorbell camera is attached to the desired spot, you now need to proceed with the setup process. Simply go by the instructions provided in the user manual or call the wireless doorbell camera manufacturer’s customer care support.

Afterward, you now need to test its functioning via the app. Make random gestures and motions around the wireless doorbell camera to ascertain the device’s efficiency and performance.

As everything looks to be in order, you now need to screw the two security screws into the faceplate base using the smaller end of the screwdriver. The wireless doorbell camera is rightly fixed and attached to the desired location.

Step 7: Making desired changes in camera settings

As the wireless doorbell camera installation process is completed, you can now make the desired changes in the camera setting. Choose the preferred motion detection and night vision setting or simply check whether you want the notifications or alerts on your Smartphone.

Bottom line for how to install a wireless doorbell camera

The steps and guidelines mentioned above may vary depending on the wireless doorbell camera you are using. Carefully go by the instructions provided in the user manual in all such cases. Additionally, do let us know in the comments section if you want us to cover more such topics in our future posts.

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