How to Set up Swann Camera on iPhone

How to Set up Swann Camera on iPhone – Getting Started

There may come a situation when you have to connect your Swann camera to your smartphone. So, knowing How to set up a Swann security camera for an iPhone is quite essential.

We all know how efficient and powerful Swann security devices are. So, when you are looking forward to connecting them with your preferred android or IOS devices, a specified set of rules and guidelines need to be followed.

This guide tells the best way to associate a Swann IP camera with the Swann Security application. Typically, the Swann Security application is accessible on both Android and iOS gadgets.

It is utilized to associate many of Swann’s devices like the Wi-Fi Floodlight Security Camera, Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera, Wire-Free Security Camera, and Pan and Tilt Security Camera.

NVR-8580 and DVR-5580 utilize the same app for remote viewing once the internet connection is set up.

Note: The camera mentioned in this article is a SWIFI-ALERTCAM. Other Swann cameras may require a separate arrangement or technical setup

Pairing  a Swann IP camera to the Swann Security application

Firstly, you have to download and install the application on your smartphone and sign up for an account (using the application). It is the user account for the application itself.

Likewise, for quicker arrangement, connect your smartphone phone to the WiFi at the place you want to install the camera. (Note: Switch off the 4G/LTE/5G association on your smartphone while using a similar WiFi as the camera). Once done, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Tap on the upper left menu and choose Pair Device. Once done, Tap Start.
  • When you arrive at this page, give the details like WiFi name, Password, and confirm it, and then hit “Next”.
  • Switch to the pairing mode of the camera by squeezing and holding the reset or pair button. When the LED is squinting blue, discharge the button and tap “Next”.
  • Your smartphone will currently interface with the camera’s WiFi. Tap Start to proceed.
  • You will receive this message once the arrangement is finished (Congratulations… etc). As soon as you see that, you’re practically done. Now you can attempt to see the live perspective of your Swann IP camera.

How to build the connection of the Cameras to the Swann DVR?

  • With the included Ethernet cable, you will have to start connecting the DVR to an Internet source. The units available are like a modem or a router.
  • Then, build the connection of the DVR to a monitor.
  • However, you have to keep some breathing room related to the DVR. This process leads to the generation of heat and there is a need for good air circulation.
  • With that, there is a possibility of setting up your camera system. It starts recording when motion is detected. It also saves hard drive space.

For setting up Swann view Plus App

  • You will have to download the Swann view Plus app. For that, you have to get access to a phone or tablet.
  • Now, Launch the app
  • As soon as you do so, you have to enter the Devices menu.
  • You will have to scan the QR code, which you will find on the top of your DVR.

Setting up the security camera system deserves a certain amount of networking knowledge. But, there’s never a need for networking or computer science.

When you have a sufficient understanding of how IP security camera systems progress, you must consider connecting one for yourself.

 In case you want to view the recorder or camera remotely with the help of an internet connection outside the home/business, you’ll have to enable rules for port forwarding.

Do that on your router. The simple step is to log in to the router administration portal. 

You’ll have to start with configuring two separate rules for ports 37777 as well as 80. Go with directing to the local IP address. Use the recorder or camera.

The process of port forwarding is somewhat simple and easy to do. It is, however, dependent on the manufacturing standards or model and the build quality of the router.

A proper understanding of the configuration of the rules gives a successful setup.

The bottom line for How to set up a Swann security camera for iPhone

The process is quite easy and simple. Still, it would be best if you were careful while getting ahead with the detailed list of steps and instructions involved. Also, refer to the user manual if the Swann security device you are using is of a different size, model, or configuration.

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