How to Setup The Nest Cam?

How to Setup The Nest Cam? – Getting Started

The nest camera comes on board with some cool security features and settings. Still, if you have recently bought this device., you must first learn how to set up Nest cam to get the best out of this masterpiece.

Even while being small in size, Nest cam can help you to keep an eye on your vicinity. Additionally, the Nest application can help you receive alerts once the camera detects any unwanted motion or sound.

Hereby, we will help you with all the required steps and instructions regarding its setup and installation

Steps for how to set up Nest cam

Step 1. The positioning of the Nest cam

Position the camera depending on what you want to keep eye on. You have to place the camera by setting the field of view according to the spot. The ideal location for the camera may be variable.

That said, you have to ask what is the most important aspect that you want to keep an eye on. Based on the observation, find the location to mount the camera and the vantage point.

Purpose 1

In case you are wishing to track something specific like the person who is passing through a certain area of the home, you have to find a way to make it the centerpiece.

You can capture the area to be recorded on the screen of the camera.

Purpose 2

For using the camera for security monitoring, it is always good to make sure that different points of interest are being recorded in the property or home.

You can keep an eye on the driveway, doors, as well as first-floor windows. Always place the camera at the proper height wherever you can see the people’s faces even if they are wearing hooded jackets.

Purpose 3

If the purpose of using the camera is to always keep watching the kids, then make sure the camera and the power cable are out of reach of the children. Placing the cables near them may end up spoiling the camera setup.

Purpose 4

In case you’re planning on using the ‘talk and listen to’ features, then put the camera in the place where you are hearing people and they can hear you too. Always think about the conditions before choosing the proper position for placing the camera.

 Step 2. Setting up the camera

Unbox the Nest camera kit in case you haven’t done that already. Now, while using the supplied micro USB cable and the power adaptor, you have to start connecting the cable to the camera.

In that step, you have also to connect the charging lock and plug it into the power. Then, you will see that every end of the cable is placed perfectly. Always make sure that the point is going appropriately in the allocated area.

 Step 3. Downloading the Nest application

Afterward, install and set up the application for the camera on your smartphone. Then, you have to tap “Next”. Start logging into the existing list account.

You can also go ahead with the sign-up if you do not already have the Nest account.

Once you get logged in, you have to select “I agree” for accepting the terms and conditions of the Nest application. Tap on the “Continue” button for proceeding with the connection.

After that, choose the name for the home and again tap on next.

There, you will be getting a form for filling in the requested information. You have to do that for building the complete home setup. Now, you have to type on “next”.

Start proceeding with the home setup according to your preferred choice.

After that, you can also share the device with the other people in the house that can use this relevant monitoring system while changing the phone settings.

After you do this, you can rest assured that the Nest application setup is complete. Now, you can start adding your device for monitoring the property.

 Step 4. Connecting the Application with Cam

This is the step for adding the device to the application. For that, you have to open the “Nest” application. Tap on the “Add” button on the app. Then, you will get the list of available Nest devices around.

Choose the required device from the list. You can also get the opportunity to use the smartphone camera by scanning the QR code of the device.

An alternative option is to locate the QR code of the next two files and then you have to tap on the option “continue” without scanning.

Right after that, you have to enter the six-digit key that will be visible on the device. Now, you will be introduced to the onscreen instructions.

Follow them and select “next” which will take you to the following screen. There, you have to select the location for the camera. Make the selection that will apply to the setup.

The next page often comes with multiple warnings. You have to press the “next” button to continue proceeding.

After doing that, ensure that the Nest camera is plugged in and is physically placed to take the footage. Now, select on “continue” button for continuing with the process.

The camera will continuously scan for the available wi-fi networks. You have to make the selection of the right one and join it.

Now, the Nest device will start attempting to connect. Though, it may take a few minutes to get connected. You will see the acknowledgment screen.

After that, you can rest assured that you will get the full view of the camera. After the completion of the setup, you have to press the button “done”.

With that, the access to complete footage is accessible as long as you want.

Bottom-line for How to set up the Nest Cam

Following these relevant steps, you can easily set up and install your Nest cam. Now, while you do that, do ensure to take all the safety precautions as you are taking care of the whole task yourself.

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