Which Security Cameras Have Free Cloud Storage?

So, which security cameras have free cloud storage?

Cloud-based security cameras are certainly making their own unique space in the world of high-end security devices.

The service comes inclusive of video recording, storage management, alerts, cybersecurity, and more than that. These days, most businesses and residential places are adopting cloud solutions with free cloud storage.

How do security cameras function with cloud storage?

The modern camera cloud storage systems use the internet for storing the encrypted IP Camera recordings with the help of storage software.

The software is referred to as a cloud server. It allows you to view, playback, delete and download the recordings from the cloud IP Camera cloud with the network’s availability.

Usually, you will get the Cloud Security Camera monitoring and recording systems suitable for organizations of every size. The requirements are an internet connection, an IP Network camera, as well as a subscription. These subscriptions come in paid packages.

Importance of free cloud storage

Some people choose to go ahead with these systems due to the following advantages.

There is the availability of the simple setup with a minimal up-front cost for the cameras that will give access to even the free cloud storage support.

Most businesses do not require paid subscriptions until the clips are too long. Moreover, the systems become efficient and straightforward for business owners and managers.

The user gets all the necessary insight and accessibility. It works as the end-to-end solution at the cheapest rates for the required ideas.

The performance and issues work in the real-time environment and analyze the trends for modification of the business practices.

Furthermore, they act as a smart solution for increased security for video footage and data at a lower cost.

Businesses will find better protection of the data when they use cloud solutions-based cameras. Since there are no subscriptions needed, security cameras become beneficial in terms of safety and efficiency.

List of security cameras with free cloud storage

1. Ring Spotlight Cam

This is the camera that will give you the live feed at any time. It will send the phone notification on the detection of the motion.

A subscription plan comes with the camera that includes 60 days of the cloud storage eclipse starting at $3.99 a month. But, this professional home monitoring system will give you free cloud storage for 24 hours.

2. Nest cam Indoor

This is the free cloud storage device that will help Nest cam owners. They can watch clips for 3 hours. But, if there is a need for more cloud storage, one has to pay for different subscriptions.

These plans are available for the availability of more storage. Each plan comes with a 50% discount for the subsequent cameras. However, the free storage will give continuous recording clips and time-lapse, alerts, as well as the ability to set activity zones

3. The Canary View

This is the camera that has the length of the video clip, capping capability from the camera up to 30 seconds. It will lock useful features behind the subscription including two-way communication.

There are options for live stream, the connection of video from the camera to a computer, as well as and unlimited video download. The features make it quite a handy piece.

The membership is around $9.99 a month. However, the smart free storage will give you access to certain plans even without the subscription for a full day.

4. Amazon cloud cam

This is the camera that will work better than your expectations. Furthermore, you can access the full-length video clips taken from the camera to the cloud storage for 24 hours.

However, if you want to get the storage facility for a longer span, you can subscribe to the cloud cam plan that starts with $6.99 per month.

5. Wyze Cam

This is a camera that is a smart home security system and gives the availability of free cloud storage for more than 24 hours.

You will get video clips available on cloud storage for free with a couple of restrictions. The first clips get capped at 12 seconds long.

Again, some clips will disappear after 2 weeks. It is comparatively cheaper than other models and you can simply install it with the supportive micro SD card into the camera.

With the 32GB micro SD card, you will get two to three days of storage that can record continuous video.

6. Blink Indoor Camera

This is the security cameras system that gives free cloud storage up to the storage of 2 hours of HD footage for free.

Regardless of how long it captures the video, it will offer free storage to the user for more than 24 hours. There are fewer restrictions on the system.

So, you can go ahead with using it even without subscriptions. However, if you wish to record longer clips for more than two hours, it’s worth purchasing the smart plan.

Summing it up

You have just gone through the list of best free cloud storage-based security cameras.

It will give you the recorded videos and notifications for free up to a specific period. However, if you want to enjoy similar benefits, it’s worth buying the subscription plans in the long run.

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