Will Arlo Cameras Work Without Internet

Arlo camera’s capable of recording 24 x7 but they work without Internet? Should you have uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity for Arlo cameras work and store recordings safely?

Just about a few security cameras and devices manufactured by Arlo over the years comes with SD cards to store the footage without requiring Internet or wireless connectivity.

Which Arlo camera works without the internet?

Will Arlo Cameras Work Without Internet - Arlo camera works without the internet
Will Arlo Cameras Work Without Internet – Arlo camera works without the internet

Arlo Go is the first and only Arlo camera that doesn’t require Internet connectivity during its functioning. The camera is battery powered ( can still be plugged into a power outlet when and wherever required) and further comes with a local SD card storage feature.

Still, in the USA, the security camera is designed to facilitate the uploading of video recordings to the Arlo cloud via a cell plan. The Arlo Go cell plan is currently available with only AT&T, and you must ensure the required network coverage at the zone where the Arlo go camera is being used.

Speaking of the pricing part, the plans provided by the Telecom operator goes as follows :

  • $4.99 / month for 15 minutes full HD video uploads/month. I.e., only one clip/ day is permitted if you have random 30-second clips.
  • $22.99 / month for 120 minutes full HD video / month i.e. 300 clips @ 30 seconds/ clip is permitted
  • $32.99 /month for 225 minutes full HD video / month i.e. 450 clips @ 30 seconds / clip is permitted

The above-said plan is for Full HD recording, and if you tweak the video quality to around 480p or 720P, you can have more video recordings stored within the existing plan. Besides, you can opt for random other services and features while paying an extra charge on top of your current plan.

Besides providing Internet free connectivity, Arlo Go allows you to view the video recordings from anywhere ( subject to your cell plan). The battery works well for around 2-3 months with standard use.

Is there any disadvantage of using the Arlo camera without the Internet?

The first and biggest disadvantage is viewing local recordings with these security cameras. Additionally, you cannot receive the live feeds and motion alerts in real-time due to the non-connectivity to the Internet.

Now again, it all depends on our needs and requirements while buying and installing a security camera at our home or office. So, if you need remote access to the Arlo camera right on your smart device, going for the one with internet connectivity is always the right idea to go with.

What are the key benefits of using the Arlo camera without the Internet?

Protection from hackers and snoopers

Will Arlo Cameras Work Without Internet - hackers and snoopers
Will Arlo Cameras Work Without Internet – hackers and snoopers

It’s a well-known fact that Wi-Fi cameras are more exposed to several online threats like hacking and snooping. If the hacker can access your unique ID, password, or any critical information, he or she can take over the entire security system within minutes.

On the other side, security cameras without the internet are immune to such things. As there is no internet connectivity, snooping, and hacking into the system is quite tough and time-consuming.

No significant impact on your Network’s bandwidth

Will Arlo Cameras Work Without Internet - Bandwidth
Will Arlo Cameras Work Without Internet – Bandwidth

Places and areas with cost-effective Wi-Fi plans may not be the best zones to install a Wi-Fi security camera. There’s every chance that it will eat up a big chunk of your Internet data while storing all those video footage and recordings.

Additionally, the broadband speed may get impacted ( subject to the broadband plan and ISP) over extended usage. That’s where buying and installing Arlo cameras without the internet is the best and most feasible option.

Not only will you be getting the required video recordings stored in the SD card, but you can also save a lot on the cost to your existing Broadband plan and speed.

Bottom-line for Will Arlo cameras work without Internet.

If you want to go for an Arlo camera that works without internet, Arlo Go is the best deal in hand. Moreover, you must read the above-mentioned facts and figures before deciding whether you need a security camera that works without the internet.

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