Will Wireless Security Cameras Interfere With Wifi ?

If you have a wireless security system at home, the question – ‘will wireless security cameras interfere with wifi, would’ve certainly crossed your mind at certain junctures.

Now, this is quite obvious as a wireless security system depends on your router to ensure communication between the security camera( via the inbuilt transmitter)  and the receiver.

So, as these security cameras are wireless and use your wifi connection for their functioning, they may impact your internet connection speed at certain times.

On the other side, there are certain instances when you may witness a certain lag in your internet speed while staying connected with your wireless security camera device.

How a wireless security system impacts the internet connection speed?

To get the best answer to this question, you first have to count the total number of devices connected to the internet at your place. You can list down devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, and so on in the same category.

Furthermore, if all these devices are connected with your home wifi at the same time, you can certainly experience a lag in your internet speed.

This is because the broadband system has to break a specific portion of the internet connection speed to accommodate a new device every time.

Hence, the same phenomenon will come into play once you connect your wireless security camera with the Home wifi system. Also, you might experience a bit of slowness or interruption during the whole process.

How to counter the same situation?

Upgrade your existing Broadband plan

This may prove to be big trouble for all those who love to binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. So, if you are on the list, you may have to upgrade your existing broadband plan to boost the internet connection speed.

Before you upgrade your broadband plan, you have to consider the total number of devices that may be consuming the internet at a given time. Doing this simple calculation can save you some good money and effort down the line.

Adjusting the positioning of the wifi router

It may be possible that your wifi router is placed at a location where all the physical barriers surround it. Speaking of barriers, it can be a brick wall, a metallic showpiece, or even a mirror.

Not many people know, but these objects can avoid your wifi signal from penetrating a broader area. This is where you must position your wifi router at a place that is not surrounded by any such physical barrier around.

You can go with places like the living room, study room, or any other area free from any such physical barrier. Also, ensure the vertical positioning of your router’s antenna while keeping it at 90 degrees. You can further lift the router away from the floor for the best results.

Getting a wifi range extender

The next best thing you can do to enhance your wifi router’s signal strength is to buy a high-quality wifi range extender. There are cases where wifi signals aren’t strong enough to manage multiple devices at the same time.

Furthermore, there could be a chance that the distance between the wireless security camera and the router is quite long, and the weak signal strength is creating all kinds of issues with your device and the router.

So, going with a wifi range extender is undoubtedly a wise decision in the same context. This way, you can enjoy a higher speed with your internet connection,  while staying connected with your wireless security camera at the same time.

Summing it up

Gone are the days when wireless security cameras used to be taken as an added burden on your wifi connection. While following the handy tips mentioned above, you can easily combat the interference created by your wireless security system within your broadband connection.

Moreover, keep checking this space for all the latest news and views about your favorite security cameras, systems, and devices.

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