Arlo Cameras FAQ

Arlo cameras have their special place in the global security cameras market.

Besides being easy to use and set up, these cameras go great with almost every smart home integration system. Moreover, the user can manage and control these devices via the Arlo app without any issues.

Still, some users come across random issues and questions regarding the usage and handling of Arlo cameras. Hereby we are covering the most frequently asked questions regarding the Arlo cameras.

Most frequently asked questions regarding the Arlo cameras

Q1. How to sync Arlo cameras?

A. The process of syncing the Arlo cameras with any other device is quite easy and simple.

Gently press the Sync button on the top plate of the camera for around two seconds and release it afterward. You will see a blue LED light on the camera that will keep on blinking.

This confirms that the syncing process is on. If the LED light turns amber, it means that the Sync hasn’t been successful. If that’s the case, you need to go ahead with the same process once again.

Q2. How to charge the Arlo camera?

A. Simply take the camera and pull up the flap located at the bottom plate of the camera. You will see a USB charging port right there.

Carefully plug the USB charging cable into the camera and plug the other end into a USB adaptor that is connected to a power source. The LED light on the camera will turn Blue after getting fully charged.

Q3. How to reset the Arlo camera?

A. You first need to locate the Sync button on the top plate of the Arlo camera. Press and release it after 2 seconds.

The camera will prompt with a CLICK sound. Go to the official Arlo website and check for the QR code that takes your device to default factory settings.

Once the QR code is located, hold the camera at a distance of 10 to 20 cm to it. You will hear a Chime sound that means the camera is reset to the factory settings.

In case the Arlo camera is connected to the cloud, You gently need to remove your device from the account by launching the Arlo app. The process to do it go as follows :
• Launch the Arlo app
• Go to Settings > My Devices and tap on the device you want to reset.
• Click on Remove device
• The app will prompt you again whether you are sure to remove your device from your account. Tap on Yes.

Q4. Are Arlo cameras waterproof?

A. Only selected Arlo camera devices like Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 2, and Pro are waterproof and can easily be used outdoors or Indoors. Besides being waterproof, these devices work perfectly in all those unfavorable weather conditions like heavy rains, winds, and hot conditions.

Now, it must be noted that these cameras are not completely waterproof so you cannot expect them to function while getting fully submerged in water.

Q5. How long do Arlo camera batteries last?

A. It majorly depends on the Arlo camera model you are using. While the Arlo Pro and Pro 2 models have been known to last for around 6 months, the Arlo ultra requires charging after every 3-4 months.

These figures are for normal usages and may vary depending on the signal strengths of the camera.

Q6. How do I get my Arlo camera back online?

A. Usually, when you change your wifi router or internet network, the Arlo camera goes offline.

To help yourself in the same situation, simply press and release the Sync button placed on the top of the Arlo smart hub or the base station.

You will see the Internet LED blinking for around 10 seconds. Afterward, the Arlo camera will resume its normal functioning and will go online.

Q7. How to turn off the Arlo camera?

A. You first need to launch the Arlo app on your smartphone or can either visit the official Arlo website to log in to your official account.

Click on settings and then tap on the camera icon within the app. Gently slide the ON/OFF options as per your requirements and your device will turn off.

Bottom-line for FAQs Regarding Arlo Cameras

We have tried to cover most of the questions related to the usage and handling of the Arlo cameras. Do let us know in the comments if you want us to answer a specific query or question in the same regard.

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