Best Camera For House Security

You cannot compromise with the safety and security of your premises, and this is where bringing the best camera for house security is quite essential.

Moreover, you may find numerous security cameras available in the market but must go only with the one coming along with a professional-grade security system.

That said, let’s take a look at our handpicked list of the best camera for house security.

Recommended list of the best camera for house security

1. Arlo Pro 3

This best camera for house security is the third generation Arlo Pro 3 kit that offers a range of capabilities. The eye-popping resolution of 4K and the fantastic video quality ensure that you will get a crystal clear view of the recording.

It offers excellent value in the field of home security cameras. There is an onboard artificial intelligence that helps distinguish animals, people, and vehicles by recognizing their faces.

You’ll also get the pan-tilt feature along with night vision capability that ensures better monitoring. 

2. Nest Cam IQ

This camera boasts a human monitoring system and the 4K image sensor that allows it to go ahead smoothly with a zoom feature while tracking humans. The field of view and the ability to capture the face in great detail make it stand out among its counterparts.

Moreover, the crystal clear 1080P video resolution along with the dual articulating LED floodlights certainly makes it a top choice for evryo0ne looking for the best camera for house security. The camera can capture even extensive areas flawlessly.

3. Mi 360 degree wifi

The camera comes with a dual motor head design for enabling protection and capturing the full 60-degree view.

Besides, it also has the capability of capturing a 180-degree vertical view. The shockproof design, along with the quiet motor allows it to rotate smoothly and silently.

You will get an overall 1080P resolution due to the 20-megapixel camera. What’s more? It has a full dynamic range camera sensor that will give you the full-color palette even in low light conditions.

Besides, you can rest assured that there will be no revert to the infrared illumination leading to the black and white picture. The AI motion detection facility accurately determines and alerts the user whenever something odd happens within the premises.

 Moreover, you will also get the notification right away on your smartphone app. There is also the availability of the TalkBack feature that lets you stay connected with friends and family.

4. To link smart cam

It offers videos and pictures in 1080P resolution. The easy to install and affordable camera provides the 360 degrees horizontal View. Besides, you will also get the 114-degree vertical range of the living area to provide the visual distance up to 30 feet.

The night vision capability of this camera is quite impressive and supports MicroSD 128 GB storage. There are other essential features in this camera, like motion detection, live detection, night vision, two-way audio, to name a few.

5. Wyze cam pan

Even though this best camera for house security comes at a good price, it boasts some great features like motion tracking capability with timely alerts. It can prepare a time-lapse video along with presenting the mechanical Pan and tilt functionality.

 If you want a crystal clear 1080P video, then this is the device you should go with. It offers incredible night vision support that makes it pretty remarkable.

You will also get free cloud and local storage with this device. Overall, it is an indoor security camera loaded with features like night vision, alert notification system, Pan and tilts element, and much more.

6. Lorex 1080P smart camera

The Lorex smart indoor Wi-Fi camera works comes as an affordable home security camera that offers 1080P video and image quality. Working with Google voice commands and Amazon Alexa further makes it a perfect device for any user looking for the best security devices for home surveillance.

It also holds the local storage facility that lets it keep the recorded video for a longer span. This security camera further sports features like voice control and local storage for the video that is triggered by sounds and motions.

The bottom line for the best camera for home security

The security cameras mentioned above are easy to access & install and further offer a myriad of features. Choose the one that suits best for your purpose and safety requirements.

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