5 Best Security Camera App

With all the latest security camera devices getting launched around, the demand for the best security camera app has drastically increased. Only when there are reliable applications, does it becomes an easy way to enable the camera for better monitoring?

Furthermore, with the advent of camera-enabled smartphones, computers, as well as tablets, there has been a steady growth in the origination of the fully functional hidden spy camera-based applications that work on a free or paid subscription basis.

Recommended list of the best security camera app

1.  AtHome Camera Surveillance app

This is the application that is fit for iOS. With this application, you can rest assured about transforming any old iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch into a hidden security camera.

This app work as long as you keep using it on iOS 7 or above systems. The apps can start with recording footage from the webcam of the iOS device as soon as it starts detecting the motion.

It continues to capture the recordings. The facial recognition technology in this application sets it apart from the others. So, it starts recording the video whenever it sees a person.

Besides recording the footage, the application also prepares the animated GIF of the individual and start giving you notification and alerts regarding the footage that is available for viewing on other iOS device or computers. So, you can get the ultimate stored content in the online cloud account.

It comes with a monthly subscription service. The video streaming is also encrypted which makes it harder for others to view the footage.

2. SecurityCam

This is the easiest Windows 10 based hidden camera application that is incredibly streamlined for working on Windows computers. It is fit for the version Windows 8 and upwards.

The application can turn the windows computer or Tablet into security cameras that start recording the video with the webcam as soon as it starts detecting the motion.

All the recorded footage gets saved directly to the application for the on-demand viewing along with the timestamp and date. The application is completely free and will run with flexibility on Windows 8 and 8.1 devices. It has better quality than a few others.

However, it is good to remember that there is no backup of the recorded video along with missing features like email or text alerts.

3. Alfred Home Security camera

This is the application that is one of the best for hidden spy cameras. It works on both IOS and Android devices. The application starts working by turning the smartphone or the tablet into the camera or other device to view the footage.

Once you set it up, you can get the security camera up and running beginning with the recording of the video once it picks any motion. There is every footage available after being uploaded to the free online cloud account for viewing at a later stage.

You can also start viewing the recordings with the help of the web on the computer. In case you don’t want to purchase a secondary smart device, this is the ultimate one for you. Some smarter features come for premium charges and subscriptions. Moreover, the application can work on older devices like the IOS 8.

4. IP Webcam

This is a simple home security application that can turn the phone into a remote camera. The application is a decent one with a set of features. It comes inclusive of the support for the VLC Player support or the FTP servers and Dropbox. Live video streaming motion detection, as well as video chat support features, make it a quality home security application for free.

It does not take much time to set up the camera. The remarkable part of choosing this application is that it is available totally for free.

5. TrackView

This is the all-in-one option that works as the best piece in terms of the two-way radio, GPS phone finder, or family locator. There is a line of functions that can work in the form of a good-quality home security camera.

The security camera is loaded with features like motion detection, remote audio, and a video recording system. There is also night vision mode as well as cloud storage for backing up the recordings.

Certain plans unlock different functionalities. Though it is pretty expensive than the others, it will work the best over them.

Summing it up

Each of these apps mentioned above can help you to track and monitor your assets and belonging even from a distance. Still, do ensure to check the features and specifications of the app beforehand according to your requirements.