Best Video Security System

Best video security systems are in rising demand due to their innumerable functionalities. The viewing angle of these cameras ensures that your assets and belongings are safe from any unwanted intrusion. With such excellent capacities, these cameras stand out from the rest of their competitors.

The specialty of these outdoor security cameras lies in the fact that they are well equipped with a wide-angle lens for showing the 360-degree view.

Now the question is – what makes these best video security systems better than the already installed versions of the security cameras at home.

Most of these best video security systems come onboard with features like wireless video surveillance support, HD resolution, HD analog, wide dynamic range power over Ethernet, and camera Iris options.

It’s hard to find such functionalities like the local recording with tamper detection elsewhere. The video surveillance applications in these cameras come with better software features to make them stand out.

Recommended list of Best video security system

1. Arlo Video doorbell

This top-notch video security system comes with a built-in HD video recording system that will never let you worry about trespassers within the premises. This unit is well equipped with arm and dis-arms modes, motion zones, two-way audio, as well as an integrated siren.

What makes it more attractive for the users is that there is also a competitive cloud storage subscription-based plan to give you access to advanced features like an animal, custom person, and trespassers detection.

2. Nest Cam IQ Indoor

This is an indoor video security system that comes with HD live streaming and personal motion features as well as access to the Nest-aware service option. Doesn’t that sound a pretty good idea to go ahead with?

Coming at an affordable price, the camera also boasts some eye-catching advanced features like facial recognition. You can simply create a database of friends and family to get alerts on time. The model also features Google Assistant-based built-in speakers just like the other systems, namely the Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers.

With the range of smart features, you can rest assured of no more hassles of dealing with trespassers.

3. Logitech Circle 2

This is the best CD-enabled video camera in the market that works as an indoor-outdoor home security system. The camera system comes inclusive of the functionality for responding to the CD commands. Its easy integration with the home pod smart speaker further serves with added benefits to the users.

The Google Assistant and Alexa give access to all the voice-based assistant features whenever you need them.

4. Wyze Cam Pan

This is a good budget Android camera that comes with a Wi-Fi interface and can scan the entire room in just 3 seconds.

The availability of the inbuilt motion tracking feature comes with excellent benefits for consumers. Usually, users don’t like the limited night vision range, difficulty setting up, and Android issues.

Yet, they do appreciate the adjustment settings for automatically scanning any area. Hence, we can consider this best video camera system as a feasible one for all such users

5. YI Dome Camera

The wireless security camera interface provides impressive benefits to the users with the effortless connection mode. It is technologically boosted to stay in touch with the pets and kids in the home.

There is a filter that makes it easy to listen to the cries of the baby or an intruder breaking into the home.

You can also instruct your pet to get off the couch by using the two-way audio system. Unlimited free cloud storage is yet another positive aspect of the camera that makes it fall under the category of good audio quality-based video security system, coming at an affordable range.

Summing it up

Unfortunately, most security cameras that are either obsolete or utilize older technologies are highly vulnerable to hacking and snooping. Hence, going with the best video camera system mentioned above is always a good idea.

The video security systems offer encryption that can give you maximized privacy. All you have to do as a user is to ensure that the Wi-Fi network is secured.

The creation of unique and strong passwords for the camera and their applications is a must in the same respect. You can also update the firmware on the camera and use the Wi-Fi router for getting the remote viewing.

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