How to Make a Spy Camera? Easy DIY

How to Make a Spy Camera?

There are many reasons why you may need a spy camera. Someone is snooping on your stuff or either you want to keep an eye on things happening within your surroundings.

A spy camera can come in extremely handy in numerous ways.

Now, you may find random spy cameras in the market with all the highly advanced features. But, is it possible to make one by yourself?

Yes, it is and hereby we will discuss the steps and instructions regarding how to make a spy camera.

Recommended steps regarding how to make a spy camera

Step 1. Buy a cheap webcam

If you go out in the market to purchase the best spy camera, you may have to shell out a fortune. Well, you can save all that money by purchasing a cheap webcam and customizing it into a spy cam.

While you do that, make sure that you are using a good quality camera, purchased from either of the online stores or an electronic shop nearby your place.

In case the purpose regarding the usage of the spy camera is quite serious, you must go for a high-grade WebCam instead of the cheaper ones.

Check for the focus and image or video quality before making the purchase.

Step 2. Customizing the webcam

Once the webcam has been purchased, gently take off the outer shell of the WebCam that you need to turn into a spy cam.

Once you do it, you will see a circuit board where the lens of the camera is mounted. Now, as you have removed the outer shell of the WebCam, it is all set to be working as a spy cam.

Now, if you are trying to hide the spy camera within a household object, you have to make sure that it fits well to the surface of the object.

You can use some glue, cardboard, or tissue paper to facilitate the fitting and placement of the spy camera around.

Step 3. Placing or hiding a spy camera

You have to be careful in this step. In case you want to cover a big area with the spy camera, you must place it in a spot with just enough angle.

Spots like ceiling fans, flower vases, lighting systems, or any other relevant stuff would help to sort out the purpose.

As you’re fixing it, ensure that the lens of the camera is facing the area that needs to become under surveillance.

Once the camera has been placed accordingly, you have to thread the USB cord of the spy cam that will be connected to a nearby power source.

Doing it, you have to ensure that the cord is covered with some paper or other stuff or else it can be easily located by anyone around.

If you’re trying to hide the spy camera inside a home appliance, you can simply put an ‘out of order sign on the same appliance so that no one attempts to use it.

Well, it also means that people will easily catch the attention of the object by looking at that ‘out of order sign.

Be a little creative while choosing the spot for placing the spy camera. Using outdated and easily trackable techniques may put you into unwanted trouble so be careful about it.

Using your smartphone as a spy camera

If you don’t want to put all the hardcore efforts into making a spy camera, you can use your smartphone as a spy cam instead by simply downloading a free WebCam app from App Store or Google play store.

Now, before you do it, check for the ratings and reviews by the users as that will help you to ascertain the efficient functioning of the application.

Once you do it, just register yourself to the app and follow the instructions given there. Afterward, you can simply use the smartphone as an effective spy camera without worrying about the spots and location to hide it.

Bottom-line for how to make a spy camera

Making a spy camera isn’t that tough. Still, you have to bring in a bit of creativity and intelligence into the whole task.

In case you want to skip the effort, it’s always advisable to purchase the best spy camera from the market after checking its features and controls.

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