Do I Need Wifi for Wireless Security Camera ?

Do I need wifi for wireless security camera? Can a CCTV camera work without the internet?

If you are about to purchase a wireless security camera, these are a few of the questions that you might have sought an answer for on your way through.

Yes, wireless security cameras can function without a wifi connection, and you don’t always need wifi for a wireless security camera. It’s just you have to shop for a few more items and accessories during the same process.

Also, people must understand that security cameras used to function quite efficiently even before this ‘ wireless’ thing came into the picture. So, if you don’t have wifi at your place and still want to secure it with the best wireless security camera, just read this blog till the end.

What are your options?

In case you don’t have the Wifi facility, you can still hard-wire the security IP camera to your home or office. Although the features and functionalities would stay limited as compared to a wifi security camera, it would still perform the required task for you.

While wifi security cameras are exposed to all kinds of hacking or malicious activities, the same is not the case with a hardwired IP camera.

Now the main reason behind installing a security camera is to safeguard your assets and belongings, and the same purpose can easily be achieved by installing a security camera that works even without a wifi connection.

Hence, if you have just bought an IP camera and don’t have internet access within your area or either you intentionally don’t want your security camera to use your wifi, there is still a way forward to it.

How to make a wireless security camera work at a place with no internet connection?

In this digitally advanced era, everyone thinks that the internet is available to almost every other person or area. Sadly, that is not the truth!

A big chunk of the total population of this world lives without an internet connection, but they still ensure the safety and security of their assets and belongings.

Certain places like Industrial warehouses in the outskirts of the city or farms in the countryside don’t come along with an internet connection but do require surveillance.

Hence, if you bought or about to buy a wireless security camera for any such place, be informed that the camera would work, but you won’t be able to get the remote access to the camera feed.

So, you won’t be able to check the alerts on your mobile devices and won’t also get any notifications in case a motion is detected within the area.

Once you have made up your mind in the same regards, let’s get on with the rest of the process to make your wireless security camera work without wifi.

While purchasing the wireless security system, you also need to buy a WIfi NVR. Those who don’t know much about NVR, it’s a network video recorder that enables the communication between the camera system and the TV or the monitor.

What if I want to bypass an internet connection?

WIFI is exposed to all kinds of threats like hacking and this is where few people refuse to put their trust into the same system.

Well, you need not worry and just got to buy a wireless security IP camera for the same purpose. This also works for people that don’t want their wireless security systems to eat up all their internet data.

Wireless security cameras only require an internet connection during their set up process. So, you do have the option of connecting the camera to a router and later setting it up with your smartphone’s software.

its just a one time process as the camera won’t be staying connected with the internet forever. Now, you need not worry about your internet data consumption and can further enjoy timely alerts in case of unwanted motion detection within your premises.

Summing it up

Wireless security cameras can work without an internet connection, and all you need to do is make a few adjustments in the same regards. Moreover, keep checking this space to enjoy timely updates regarding your favorite security devices.

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