How Far Can Wireless Security Cameras Work?

Learning ‘how far can wireless security cameras work’ can help you to properly set up your home or office surveillance system without leaving any blind spots.

Now, before we go any further in this discussion, you must understand that the overall functioning of a wireless security camera depends on numerous factors.

Eventually, the same factors would determine the reachability or range distance of your wireless security camera.

Factors that impact the wireless security camera range distance

1. Resolution of the wireless security camera

Resolution plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of any wireless security camera.

So, before you think about – how far can wireless security cameras work, consider whether they can ensure clear visibility with accurate details of the image or video.

Hence, buying a wireless security camera that comes with a higher resolution is always a wise decision.

Moreover, you can buy any wireless security camera with 4MP, 5MP or even 4K resolution from the market that rightly suits your needs.

2. The focal length of the wireless security camera lens

It’s mainly the focal length of the wireless security camera lenses that concludes the fact of how far wireless cameras can work.

The focal length of the security camera lenses is measured in mm(millimeters).

On the other side, the same can be categorized into variable focal length ( found in varifocal IP cameras) and fixed focal length ( found in fixed lens security cameras).

Hence, the smaller the focal length, the broader the area that can be covered by your wireless security camera and vice versa.

So, if you want your wireless security camera to cover up an area within 40 feet, using a 4.0 fixed lens wireless security camera would solve the purpose.

Similarly, if you want to cover a larger area, installing PTZ security cameras or zoom security cameras is highly recommended.

3. Location of the wireless security camera

The location of the wireless security camera can also influence how far can wireless security cameras work.

For example, if you have particular walls, trees or any other objects in between the cameras and the area under surveillance, the signal strength might weaken a bit.

Therefore, your wireless security camera may not be able to cover up the desired area even if it rightly checks the points mentioned above.

4. Quality of the wireless security camera

Last but not least, the overall quality of the wireless security camera can majorly affect its distance range or field of view.

So, before you go out and purchase any wireless security camera, make sure to check its quality and reliability beforehand.

It’s always advisable to buy from a recognized seller as you can further expect some after-sales support in case the product gets some issues.

Also, you got to avoid purchasing from all the fake and malicious sellers that are selling duplicate versions of famous wireless security camera brands.

Furthermore, before you finalize your purchase, ensure to check whether the wireless security camera comes on board with the following features that facilitate its functioning in the nighttime.

  • Night vision
  • Number and types of LEDs
  • Lux rating
  • 3D-DNR function
  • Infra-red technology

Now that you know about factors influencing how far can wireless security cameras work, let us help you with some handy tips to enhance your wireless security system

Handy tips for covering a broader area with your wireless security system

  • Buy a varifocal lens wireless security camera that facilitates a larger field of view. While using them, you can easily zoom into the details of a subject from a distance without affecting the image quality
  • Pick the wireless security cameras with higher resolution ( 5MP or 4K ) as they help you to capture clear images and videos from a distance
  • Ensure clearing out any blocks between the wireless camera and the monitoring site to enhance its signal strength and distance range
  • Always opt for wireless security cameras from recognized manufacturers while avoiding all the cheap and malicious sellers around
  • Check for the night vision feature along with other related specifications before buying a wireless security camera

 Summing it up

We just made you go through all the factors and tips influencing how far can wireless security cameras work.

We hope the information has helped you to get the desired answers to your specific questions.

Furthermore, keep checking this spot for all the relevant info on your favorite security cameras and devices.

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