How To Install Lorex Wireless Security Cameras at Home

If you have recently purchased a Lorex security camera and are worried about ‘how to install Lorex wireless security cameras at home’, we are here to get you sorted.

People across the globe are dealing with all kinds of security threats and concerns, and this is where you must ensure every measure possible to safeguard your assets and valuables.

Speaking of the best safety for your home or office, Lorex is a name you can trust without any second thought.

While Lorex is widely known as the world leader in DIY security systems, its wireless security cameras are quite easy to install and access.

Well, before you start along with the whole process, do know about all the tools and accessories you would need in the same regard.

What are the pre-requisites to install a Lorex wireless security camera?

Generally, most wireless security systems from Lorex come on board with all the necessary tools and accessories. No matter if you are purchasing a security system or a separate security camera, you will get :

  • A BNC OR CatSe cable ( 60ft)
  • Screws and anchors
  • Power adaptor and receiver

Besides all these tools and accessories, you further need certain household tools like screwdrivers and drills. Furthermore, you got to arrange for a ladder to position or install the Lorex wireless security camera at your preferred spot.

What would be the best location to install my Lorex wireless security camera?

As you are now prepared with all the necessary tools and accessories, you must now decide on ‘where to install the Lorex wireless security camera’. Once agreed on the location part, please refer to the following tips regarding the placement and installation of the Lorex wireless security camera.

Place the camera at some proper height

Install the Lorex wireless security camera to a certain height to bring a broader area into surveillance. Furthermore, your device would stay protected from any vandalism or theft around.

Clear up any hindrances or obstructions

Ensure that there are no obstructions between the Lorex wireless security camera and the area under coverage. This way, you can enable obstruction-free surveillance of your assets and belongings via the security camera.

Point the lens away from a light source

Once you have decided on the camera’s location and position, mount the device in such a manner that the camera lens is pointed away from any light source. This process would avoid any unnecessary reflection, and you can ensure some crystal clear images and videos in the process.

The installation process of the Lorex wireless security camera

Lorex offers a variety of wireless security cameras that comes along with their specific installation guidelines and procedures. Although the connections within the devices would use the same standard pattern.

On the other side, if you are about to install a Lorex wireless security camera, the process is as simple as XYZ.

The Lorex wireless security camera does require any wiring or some physical connection to the power source or the DVR. You just have to pair the Lorex wireless security camera with a wireless transmitter.

Now the same transmitter is further connected to a DVR via a USB cable.

Similarly, if you want to install a wifi security camera, you have to pair the security camera with your wifi network and plug it ON.

Once done, you then need to download the app for the Lorex wireless security camera and finish up with the sign-up process. Afterward, follow the instructions provided in the product documentation regarding the Lorex wireless security camera’s functioning.

Do you require a professional to install the Lorex wireless security camera?

Most of the Lorex wireless security cameras are DIY friendly. Still, you can look out for a professional installer to stay in peace with the same task. Furthermore, you can look out for all the necessary instructions and guidelines in the product documentation to save the cost of hiring an installer.

Summing it up

Installation of the Lorex wireless security camera is quite easy, and you need to go by the provided guidelines in the product description.

Moreover, you can stay updated about all the pre-requisites in the same respect while looking at the points mentioned above.

Keep checking this space for all the latest updates and information regarding your favorite smart security devices and equipment.

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